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Direct Satellite Internet for Households and Business ​​

For the communities;
Kotzebue, Kivalina, Deering, Buckland, Noorvik, Selawik, Kiana, Ambler, Shungnak, Kobuk, Noatak, Point Hope and Red Dog.

Local technichans available in Region.
Fast Installation and Service.

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269-816-2992 or 907-494-5382
ElectronicService@ Exede.net​​

​Fast up to 25Mb download speed with 3Mb upload
​Support Streaming Video

For more info go to Exede.com here.

Direct Satellite Internet for Households and Business ;

Installation cost varies some due to that some communities are outside of the beam edge and needs a larger 1.2m antenna.
The pic shows the area in Alaska that is covered by the current beam.

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Current plans below

Alaska Exede Beam

Exede Business packages

Business Packages Viasat Beam Alaska 15Mb down 4 MB up

•             Exede Redundancy –
–             15x4 Mbps Speeds   - 
–             $59.99/month (includes 1 GB of data)
•             No hard data cap - Additional GB’s @ $15/GB
–             Includes Equipment Lease & up to 3 Persistent IP’s
–             $299 connection fee & 24/mo service agreement
_             Exede dish and equipment $ 675.00

–             Multiple Plans & Attractive Price Points

•             Exede Business 20 GB $99.99/Month
•             Exede Business 50 GB $169.99/Month
•             Exede Business 100 GB $299.99/Month
•             Exede Business 200 GB $499.99/Month
•             No hard data caps -  additional Data for All Plans $10/GB

              If you want a 1.2m (4 foot dish) then add $ 675.00

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